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Jan 13th, 2005 EDINBURGH - BBC2 Newsnight profiled the use of innovative ICT Pax Warrior at James Gillespies High School in Edinburgh.

In order to understand how Pax Warrior is used to teach citizenship curriculum in schools, the BBC filmed its use on location in Edinburgh with the students and Head Teacher of James Gillespies.
See the entire broadcast on the BBC website at:

About James Gillespies High School
James Gillespies high school was the location for "The pride of miss Jean Brody"

April 6, 2004 TORONTO ­ On the eve of 10th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, educational software company 23YYZee launched their website today. Their new Interactive Documentary Pax Warrior begins pilot programs in schools in May. The web-based multimedia narrative combines text, images, and sound to tell the story of the United Nation's intervention in one of the worst atrocities of the late 20th century. (...continued)

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