BETA, Pilot and Referencing Programs

V1.0, our introductory module - weaves the tragic story of the UN experience in Rwanda placing the user, first person, in the shoes of a UN Commander trying to maintain peace. As we begin to produce the beta version of Pax Warrior, we need testers to help develop the user-experience. If you have more questions, why not look at our FAQ page. We are building a glossary for visitors to the site to help understand the concepts, like collaborative learning, used in producing Pax.

Pax Pilot Program We are currently looking for teachers and schools interested in being involved in our referencing or pilot programs.

Become a Pax beta-tester


We are currently looking for beta-testers from various sectors. If you are an educator or your organization sees value in what Pax Warrior is doing, get involved with our testing. Due to the volume of requests, please take the time to completely fill in the form. This will assist us in finding the most appropriate testing parties.

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