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Pax Warrior is like nothing you've seen before in the classroom. A UN mission that should have been a cakewalk turns into one of the greatest humanitarian failures in the late 20th century. This is Rwanda in 1994, where 800.000 people lost their lives within 80 days of conflict.

what students should know


<<[Pax]’s the kind of thing I wish had been around when I was in school: beautifully produced in a cutting edge media.>>
Hilary Homes,
Amnesty International Campaigner

In the classroom, you enter as part of a group that works through the simulation. As you research, you can add to the story. This work will grow and evolve differently for each group that uses it. This is what networked learning is all about - working with peers and learning more because you learn together.

Another level of interactivity comes from sharing stories and research with each other, adding your own stories, visuals and sound. Everyone in your group then has access to this common pool.

Pax Warrior is a great example of advanced networked content that fuses the raw power of storytelling with the learning potential of a reality based decision engine. Based on this initial project we intend to produce a long line of Interactive Documentaries that would bring rich and meaningful interactive content to the web.

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