history of pax


how we came to make this

Andreas Ua'Siaghail and Sean Hopen complement each other with expertise in technology and visual design, and Pax Warrior has become the synthesis of their passion for intelligent story telling and social agency. They met at the Canadian Film Centre in 2001, a time when they both wanted to take their careers to a new level. In the Spring of 2001 they created a prototype for Pax Warrior with Jane Somerville. In 2002 Sean and Andreas went on to form 23 YYZee Inc., where they fine tuned Pax into a compelling New Media hybrid application - part history, part simulation and part collaborative learning tool.

saying our thank yous

Noel Baker, Jerry Durlach, Darryl Williams, Suzanne Stein, Ilona Posner, Michelle Kasprazak, Paul Koidis, Ana Serrano, Hilary Homes, Bruce Westwood, Stephen Silver, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Howard Adelman, Rob Greenaway and Brilliant Fish, Meredith Vuchnich, Chris Veldhoven, Reshmi Kutty, Howard Adelman, Thérèse Bouchard, Jeanne D'Arc Byaje, Gerry Caplan, Dr. Frank Chalk, Jocelyn F. Coulon, Paul Cowan, Howard Cutler, Dan Dunsky, Hilary Holmes, Dr. Bruce David Jones, Catherine Olsen, Suzanne Stein, Mark Beaumont Taylor, Patchen Barss, Matthew McKinnon, Bill Cameron, Carole Anne Reed, Sean Lowrie, Sheila Robinson, Robin Debreuil, Jane Somerville, Yvan Pineault and On French, our parents and families


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